how to get a six pack fast HOW TO GET A SIX PACK FASTMost people want to know exactly how to get a six pack fast? Allow me to tell you. To get a six pack fast it requires continuous exercise, hard work and determination. In the modern world almost every man’s dream is getting those six packs ABS. Six packs are comprised of abdominal muscles. People do lots of exercises to get good looking muscles. To get good biceps people lift heavy weights which helps them to get a good looking pair of biceps. To get six pack abs fast hard work is required which may consists of many different training procedures. Therefore to get an answer to the question, how to get a six pack fast one should thoroughly follow the important exercises to get it otherwise it may affect other body parts. Getting a six pack fast is not a difficult job it only requires well defined and prominent exercise and hard work. Everybody dreams of having a six pack but it does not generally mean that they get it. Abdominal muscles become visible after a lot of exercises and by following a strict diet which will develop into a good looking six pack.

The Problems When Finding Out How to Get a Six Pack Fast

Fats are very dangerous to the abdominal muscles. To sum up the question about, how to get a six pack fast and easy. It is not a very difficult task it only requires doing many sit ups and crunches. Sit ups and crunches are the two most important methods which help in bringing the six packs to life. Figuring out How to get a six pack fast should not be kept a secret anymore because when people go to a gym they unknowingly do those entire unnecessary things which do not bring a six pack. Sometimes physicians are required to guide the people and help them in forming a good looking six pack. Many people like you have wondered just how do I get a six pack fast and either these type of people are suffering from fat disease or they are not following the necessary steps and practices. Although “How to get a six pack fast” is a general question which varies from man to man. It is the hard working men who want to get a six pack who will ultimately find the answer to the question how to get a six pack fast. The main problem people face while trying to get a six pack, is keeping it. They usually get it but after some time it disappears because fats are present in the body which overcomes the six packs giving a balloon shape to the stomach.

So dont wait any longer take advantage of our step by step guide and you will know exactly how to get a six pack fast!!




How To Get Rock Hard ABS

How To Get Rock Hard ABS - Top Exercises

how to get rock hard abs How To Get Rock Hard ABSThere are some misconceptions when the topic of how to get rock hard ABS comes up. The truth is quite a bit easier than what you have ever imagined. The first myth is that the only way to get rock hard ABS is to do thousand of crunches daily. This is never true. The abdominal muscles are no different from other muscle groups so it would be quite a weird thing to work for them differently. Another misbelief is that only performing certain abdominal exercises is the way to get rock hard ABS. The truth is everyone has ABS but it is not visible due to the fat layer that covers the abdomen muscles. Thus it is very important to find a proven fitness method if you wish to know how to get rock hard ABS.

The most important thing is to go through an intense cardio routine, and a clean diet is very necessary to get a six pack that you can really show. Once you reach this level abdominal exercises simply strengthen the abs and help them to pop out. You can’t even imagine what role the diet plays in the quest to get rock hard abs. With a proper diet plan you would only take yourself closer to the dream of getting six pack abs.

So by now you might be thinking how to get rock hard ABS?

The iron guru, Vince Gironda in respect to the question how to build ABS said “emphasizing only on sit ups would really not help you to get ABS”.  To strengthen the core muscles and for those people who are finding the question how to get abs very hard start off doing a lot of cardio exercises like climbing stairs, skipping etc. Then when you find that your body’s fat level has come to an optimum level go for specialised core exercises.

How to Get Rock Hard ABS – Top Four Exercises

  • Crunches: Lie flat on a floor, raise your legs and bend your hand behind your head, raise your head toward the knees so that your waist muscles contract. Use your stomach muscles to curl your body. Do as many as you can for four sets.
  • Compound crunches: In the same position as crunches, twist your body to your left as you crunch, return to start position, then twist your body to your right as you crunch. This works the abs and the oblique’s.
  • Good Morning with barbell: Stand erect with your feet at the shoulder width and a light barbell behind your neck. Then what you need to do is to lean your body at 90 degree towards the floor. Return and then repeat. This works on your lower back and abdominals.
  • Jack-knife:  Lie on the floor with your arms and legs extended, bend in your middle as you raise your legs and arms. Reach for your feet with both legs and arms straight. Hold this position while you are crunching your abdominals. Repeat the steps for as many reps as you can perform.

These exercises are extensively targeted to work on your core abdominal muscles to show you how to get rock hard abs fast without doing tons of sit-ups.

How To Get A Six Pack In A Week

How To Get A Six Pack In A Week – Fact or Myth?

how to get a six pack in a week How To Get A Six Pack In A WeekOne of the most elusive and sought after physical trait in this century has got to be the six pack abs. This is veneered by men who are leaving no stones unturned to get it even if it means spending a fortune on a personal gym instructor or guzzling medicines of the shelf without even consulting a dietician or doctor. The best way to gauge its demand is to walk right in a gym near you and see the folks working out for it, or maintaining it or just drooling over it. The question in most of their minds is “HOW TO GET A SIX PACK IN A WEEK?” Their enthusiasm will even make you start to wonder how to get a six pack.

Before you ask how can I get a six pack in a week. I must tell you that this is a myth for folks like us. The more reasonable question would be “What is the fastest way to get a six pack?” or “How to get a six pack in 3 weeks?” if you are a person with relatively good fitness. Pondering over such questions and actually doing the work to get it is a different ball game altogether.

The first thing you must do is understand when trying to find out how to get a six pack in a week is that it is out of the question and the better approach is to work on the fastest way to get a six pack. However one must set a deadline to keep the dedication going. Instead of focusing on how to get a six pack in a week you should set a more realistic goal like how to get a six pack in a month, 2 months, 3 months etc. The presence of a target will make you sweat and will push you to exercise and follow certain basic lifestyle changes. Yes, you heard me right, lifestyle changes especially food habits which are the most important when trying to achieve the six pack. This means no more gorging on your pizzas, snacks or cold drinks that will give you unwanted calories. Instead look for a protein rich diet with many fresh fruits and vegetable servings.  Figure out your basic calories requirement based on your age, height and type of work you mostly do in consultation with your dietician. This will help you balance your eating habits if you cannot give up on your comfort foods.

Stop Thinking How To Get A Six Pack In A Week, It is not Possible!!

Exercising is another area to keep your eye on. Have a look at your fitness regime and if you do not have one then hit the treadmill fast, because lifestyle changes are only to get yourself ready while exercising down the path that will lead you to your trophy of six pack ABS. Include crunches and sit ups in your workout routine. Your main focus area will have to be your lower abdomen as it takes more time to shape up. Increasing your stamina should also be in your mind because the more stamina you have the more time you will spend on shaping your ABS. Consult your gym instructor and workout a proper exercising chart with enhanced focus on your ABS. If you do not have an instructor then surf this site and keep in mind your body type so you can plan a good overall workout regime and include an extra hour of exercise focussed solely on your ABS. The key lies in the number of repetitions of the workout for your ABS.

We can’t stress this enough so rather than spending time trying to find out How To Get A Six Pack In A Week instead follow a specific regime a resonable timeline and go for it, you wil get there soon!

How To Get Flat ABS

How To Get Flat ABS – The Tricks and Secrets

how to get flat abs How To Get Flat ABSThe word flat abs really fascinates us. Having the perfect set of abs is something that most of us aspire to. The images and lifestyle that are portrayed by the media differentiates the way we look. So to keep up with today’s society we really need to get flat abs as it definitely adds a different aspect in our look. For men it has really become a status symbol.

So How To Get Flat ABS Fast?

Although there are many strategies on how to get flat abs fast, only a few of them really work.  If we continue with our traditional foods or activities like watching TV or playing games, then we can never get the flat abs we desire. So the first step towards attaining flat abs is to check your diet. Foods that contain high fat and sugar levels don’t get digested and instead it gets accumulated in our bodies this is how fat is formed. So stop eating foods that contain high levels of saturated fat and sugar. The next thing that you need to do is regular exercises. Sit up and crunches play an important role in building up and strengthening up your core muscles. If you are thinking that I am addressing only men and you are wondering about how to get flat abs for women? The steps are the same you have to change your eating habits and the way you exercise because the abdominal muscles of women are no different from men. And the absence of testosterone can be used to a girl’s advantage. The answer to the question about how to get flat abs for girls lies in the fact that girls have to engage themselves in weight training. Weight training is one of the ways for getting flat abs for girls. This training increases your body’s metabolism and makes the fat burning process quicker.

How To Get Flat ABS Fast? – The Major Things You Need To DO!!

Other exercises that help guys and girls to get flat abs are cardio exercises and drop sets. The basic crunch, side plank, plank, the bicycle, and straight leg crunches are few exercises that will help you to get rid of stomach fat.  Other thing things you needs to do is to improve one’s posture, chewing food slowly (at least 10 times before swallowing), drinking lots of water and taking mineral supplements that you may sweat out during your workout. One thing you really need to know is the biggest thing that would prevent you from getting the body you want and that is YOU. Start believing in yourself that you can really do it. A fit and functional body will serve you better so without giving a second thought about How to get flat abs, start working towards flat abs today and keep working toward a better life overall. Don’t forget you and your body deserve it.

Good AB Workouts For Men

Good AB Workouts For Men – A Few Ways You Can Achieve Your ABS

good ab workouts for men Good AB Workouts For MenIf you are looking for good AB workouts for men then this is the article you should definitely be reading. In this article we are going to describe good AB workouts in three steps that you should never miss. First we are going to describe how your friends can help you in getting ripped abs, Secondly we are going to discuss some good AB workout machines that can help you to to build a great midsection. And finally we are going to tell you how signing up for different AB course can also help you to get rid of your stomach fat.

A recent survey says that the most attractive part of a male’s body is their ABS. Yet only 2-3 percent of guys have a six pack. First if you have any friends who have a six pack they should help you in finding what would be the right exercise that would help you to get flat abs. This is because not only he is in a better position to guide you with what workouts you should be initially doing but also you guys can work out together. This is due to the fact that a guy who has a six pack won’t hesitate telling you what routine they had followed to get their six packs.

Some of The Good AB Workouts For Men Include:

  • Good AB Workouts For Men #1

    • Cross Knee Crunches -In the abdominal crunch arrangement, attempt to touch, turn your shoulder to the opposing hip.
  • Good AB Workouts For Men #2

    • AB Crunches – While on your back lift your legs so they are straight with your body. You can rest them on a chair or stool. You will then place your hands behind your head. Now with only the back muscle you will slowly elevate your shoulders as high as you can. You can increase the work by extending the arms.
  • Good AB Workouts For Men #3

    • Four Crunches – This is done similarly to the AB crunch, the only difference is that instead of raising both shoulders together you will only lift one shoulder at a time.

If you are interested in good AB workouts for men at home, a few of the best ones are the Plank Pose Twist, Plank Pose, Transverse Pull Ins, Plank Pose Leg Lift, and Back Extensions. Along with these exercises some good AB workout for men also includes many different cardio exercises. Cardio exercises can be easily done at home, and cardio exercises are considered good workouts for men because of its fat burning quality. Some of the cardio exercises that can be done at home are stair climbing, kick boxing, push up and pull ups.

Flex belts provide some good workouts for men. Just wrap the belt around your mid section and turn it on. It works on a system called Electronic Muscle Stimulation. So along with the good AB workouts for men above and with the help of friends and machines you can choose what suit’s you the best and then make up your own fitness schedule , try to maintain that level the best you can and you will only be a few steps away from attaining some hard rock abs.

Best Lower AB Workout

Best Lower AB Workout – The Top 3 Exercises!!

best lower ab workout1 Best Lower AB WorkoutIt is hard to say what the best lower AB workout is because everybody’s fitness and exercise goals are very different. This is due to the fact that people respond to the same exercises in different ways and it’s very important to know about your body before deciding what the best lower AB workouts for you. If you want to tone your muscle, burn fat, and lose weight then you want to go with the best lower AB workout that focus on these results. A very important thing you need to know is that loosing fat from your ABS wont solely do it , what you have to do is to lose fat from your whole body. If you need to lose tons of fat, the best lower AB workout will be the trick that will work for you and to help you with this you have to remember three things. Firstly you should do lots of strength training as well as interval training which is a special type of cardio and lastly the most important thing is to maintain a proper and healthy diet.

Some Of The Best Lower AB Workout For Men Include:

  • Best Lower AB Workout #1

    • Alternating Leg Walks: While lying down with your hands under your butt. Then Raise the legs so that they are in the air. Then you should contract your ABS making your stomach tense. Then you should lower one of your legs so that your foot is a little off the ground. Hold that position for about a second, and then put that leg back down. Keep switching the legs as they are lowered.
  • Best Lower AB Workout #2

    • Supine Reverse Crunches:  To start off lay down and place your hands under your butt. Raise your legs and make sure they are in the air then bend the knees at a ninety degree angle. Contract your ABS so that your stomach is tense. While keeping your knees bent and at the same angle, lower them until the your feet are a few inches from the floor. Then, bring your knees up back up towards your chest and crunch your ABS. This is considered a good lower AB workout.
  • Best Lower AB Workout #3

    • Leg lift: to start this exercise lie on your back and place your hands under your butt.  Raise your legs so that they are in the air and then contract your stomach by crunching the upper ABS. Then slowly lower your legs so that the back of your thighs are just above the ground and hold this position for few seconds. And then repeat.

These are a few lower ab workouts that you can try at your home to trim the mid section. To maximize the lower abs workout you can do a circuit of these three exercises so that it has a greater impact on your mid section. So if you want to look fit try out some of these best lower AB workout and push yourself hard and remain motivated during the regime.


Best Workout for ABS

Best Workout For ABS – Should I Use Machines or Do It Naturally?

best workout for abs Best Workout for ABSIn the today’s society everyone today needs a well-toned stomach, including those with six packs and four pack ABS. Several Yoga DVDs are available in the market to get your ABS in good shape. There are numerous amounts of pricey machines which can cater to your needs and help you develop the abs of our dreams. But what is the best workout for abs? Do we really need such DVDs or other pricey machines to get our desired abs shape? The best workout for abs has brought up certain interesting facts about how to train the body to get a well-defined shape.

Best Workout for ABS – A Few of the Best Exercises

Several researches have revealed that some of the best AB workouts are Plank on elbow- A push up position is assumed but with the elbow bent and the weight rests on the forearm. Then the ABS is braced and kept in that position for thirty seconds. This is repeated several times.

The second important one is the Mountain climber with hands on bench- Again a push up position is assumed and with the hands on a bench and then the ABS are braced, after this each of the knee is alternately raised towards the chest and lowered slowly. Maximum number of repetition yields best results.

Side plank is another common exercise when it comes to the best workout for abs. Here the body is laid on one side and propped up on that side against the forearms. Hips are raised until the body attains a straight line shape from ankles to the shoulders. Now the abs are braced and held in that position for thirty seconds. This workout is known to be one of the best abs workout.

Best Workout for ABS – Types of Crunches

Apart from all these we have the bicycle crunch which proposes to have some of the best results in the toning of ABS. Crunches have always been one of the best workout for abs and are surely one of the most effective exercises. It begins with lying on the floor facing the ceiling with bent knees. By keeping your hands behind or beside the neck, the shoulder needs to be curled towards the pelvis. There are many different types of crunches. The most common ones that are frequently practiced are the reverse crunch- which is done with upper back on the floor and lifting up the hip. Twisting crunch- here the shoulders are lifted one at a time. The Thai crunch- it is performed by hitting the stomach after full contraction. Another interesting and often observed crunch type is the cable crunch in which the body is placed upright by kneeling and is curled to pull down the body on a cable machine.

But for a perfect and well defined body we need to have tight well-toned lower ABS. The best workout for lower abs are the leg rises, leg rises while lying down, face up, and declined bench sit-up, v-sit-ups, and mountain climbers.

But apart from all this one should always keep in mind that exercises are performed differently by each individual. So an exercise which is effective for one person and is the best workout for abs for him/her doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best for others.

Best Way to Get a Six Pack

Best Way to Get a Six Pack – Secrets Revealed

best way to get a six pack Best Way to Get a Six PackNowadays it has become the need of every youth in our country to get a six pack as they are fascinated by seeing their favourite actor’s flaunting their six pack abs in different movies.  Although it might seem the building up of six packs abs is a very easy job but it is actually very difficult to build one. I am going to reveal to you the secrets of the best way to get a six pack. The easiest way to get a six pack is to get rid of belly fat exclusively. You also need to have a lower fat content. You have to do regular training and follow a strict diet as it is considered to be one of the best ways to get a six pack. Although there are a number of exercises to build up a six pack at home one of the best way to get a six packs abs is by taking specialised training under an experienced trainer. You should enrol yourself in a gym to get daily training on the different types of six pack abs building exercises.

Best Way to Get a Six Pack – Types of Exercises & Activities

Sit ups, oblique crunching and crouching are some of the best way to get abs in a very short period of time. Many people make a common mistake which is they try to exercise extensively in order to get six pack abs in a very short amount of time but this strategy might back fire as it might cause some serious internal injury which might take a long time to fix. Hanging your legs in the air for some interval of time is also one of the best ways to get a six pack abs quickly. Some of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise are running, jogging, swimming and basketball. However you need to do these exercise regularly and you must ensure that you stick to your exercise routine. If you start missing your training sessions you will not get a six pack. It is ideal for overweight people who are finding it difficult to lose their extra pounds by doing normal exercises; some of the advanced exercises for ABS will help you to burn the extra fat stored inside your body quickly. Sit ups are ideal as they increase the strength of your muscles and make the abdomen muscles stronger and agile. It is extremely important to maintain a healthy diet so that you get the necessary energy to perform the vigorous ABS exercises. You must have a lot of water and energy drinks in order to keep your body regulated. The best way to get a six pack is to construct muscles while you are burning fat because your muscles contribute to how effective your metabolism is. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be. So it is a direct relation.

Best Way to Get a Six Pack – A Simple Solution

One of the best solutions to your problem of how to get six pack abs is by avoiding the fat an oily content foods and increasing the intake of food that is rich in protein and fibre content. You should have the required physical strength of performing the energy buster exercise with constant repetitions. You should avoid junk food and street food under any circumstances because it contains bad cholesterol which increases the fat content in your body. So now you have the tools you need to get those sexy ABS. Stick to your goal and you will see the results within few days. If you do these exercises then this will surely be the best way to get a six pack in long run.

ABS Exercises For Men

ABS Exercises for Men – Learn What To Do

abs exercises for men ABS Exercises For MenABS exercises for men are of many types but you should practice the type which suits you the best. You should seek the help of a trainer in order to learn these AB exercises for men. You should never try the lower AB exercises for men yourself as you might sustain internal injuries. Lower AB exercises for men are designed to strengthen the muscles in your abdomen without burning the fats already present in your muscles. One of the advantages of doing AB related exercises is that you do not have to spend extra time in the gym. You can also learn the simple AB exercises which can be easily practiced at home without the need of any trainer. However if you want to practice the advanced level AB exercises then it is recommended that you should join the gym in your area. You should never forget the exercise routine advice by your trainer if you do it might cause irregular shapes to be developed in your body. You can also lose at least five kilograms of your weight by practicing the ABS exercises regularly for fifteen days consecutively. Best AB exercises for men have got another great advantage that it does not need to be practiced everyday in a week; as you can easily do it three to four times a week. These exercises are ideal for those overweight people who are finding it difficult to lose their weight by normal cardio vascular exercises. ABS exercise helps you in keeping your body fit and it increase the overall strength of your muscles as you will develop an increased stamina after practicing the exercise.

ABS Exercises for Men – Warming Up

Before starting AB exercise in your regular schedule in the gym you should first do warm ups by doing light cardio exercises. It is recommended that you should not do extra AB work on the first day as it might make you feel exhausted and you will not be able to keep the intensity for the next few days in the training session. It is mandatory to take at least ten minute breaks between two successive extensive AB work-outs as it requires extensive inner strength. ABS exercises for men are of different types and you should do the work outs as per the capacity of your body and the intensity through which you can practice these exercisers. Best ABS exercises for men have been developed for those individuals who are interested in building a masculine figure in a very short period of time.

ABS Exercises for Men –Starter Exercises

ABS exercises for men include side plank which is recommended for the starters who are doing these exercise for the first time. Side crunch and sit ups are some lower ABS exercises for men that help you in making your abs stronger and also helps in reducing your extra fat in your body. Some of the best AB exercises for men also include hanging leg raises and crunches that will help you in reducing the overall size of your belly. You should also be on a proper diet as well. This can be done by consulting an expert dietician and will help you in performing ABS exercises for men comfortably and with the best results.

Best AB Exercise

Best AB Exercise – Top 5 Exercises

There is always a demand for the best AB exercise as so many people wants to see improvement in this section. To cater to the demand of such dreaming customers there are so many products that are available in the market which will give you flat ABS. Lucky people grab the right products and others get trapped in the business gimmick of the product which does not work.

A Few of the Best AB Exercise:

  • Best AB Exercise #1 – Elbow Dumbbells: For this you need to balance yourself on elbows. While holding a light dumbbell in your right hand and balancing yourself, and then raise your dumb bell from your right thigh in a 90 degree angle, make sure that your arm is straight and then keep doing this over and over, but while doing this please make sure that your feet are parallel to each other. This is one of the best AB exercise, the most effective results for this exercise is to do it in 5 sets of 11 reps.
  • best ab exercise Best AB ExerciseBest AB Exercise #2 – Lower AB Exercise: While balancing yourself on your elbows, move your knee towards your chest until you feel that the muscle in your leg is stretching. Make sure you do this for the other knee as well and you will be able to feel the pain this time in your right leg. This is one of the best lower AB exercise on the market today and can really help you develop a six pack.
  • Best AB Exercise #3 – Elbow Plank: While balancing your body using your elbow like when you are doing a push up. Now what you have to do is to stay like that for at least 4 min for each set. You can do it for 10 minutes.
  • Best ABS Exercises #4 – Bicycle Crunch: For this exercise you have to lie flat on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground and contract your core muscles, lift your knees to about 45 degree and go through a bicycle pedal motion and alternately touching your elbow to the opposite knees as you twist back and forth. Have a normal flow of breathe while doing this. This is one of the oldest and most effective as well as one of the best ABS exercise that ever existed.
  • Best AB Exercise #5 Captains Chair Exercise: In this exercise you start dangling your leg and slowly lift your knees towards your chest. The motion of your knees should be deliberate.

Best AB Exercise – How You Can Take Action

These are not only the best AB exercise for men but these are also considered as the best AB exercises for women. To see better result you have to do these exercises together as it would maximize your muscle capacity to burn fat. Keep these exercises in your fitness routine daily for at least 30 min. If you are thinking these exercises are easy, then I must say they only seem to be. The best AB exercises have got a lot of impact on your lower abdomen and the midsection which produces the best results. Make sure to rest in between these exercises. You also need to maintain a proper diet routine, so that you never feel weak. If you follow the best AB exercise you will surely develop the great ABS you desire.

Hard Rock ABS


hard rock abs Hard Rock ABSDo you want hard rock abs?  In our daily life you might start thinking how to get rock hard abs?  There are few simple things you need to follow so that we get the abs that we always dreamt of. This rock hard abs can surely define your personality. To get it we have to maintain two things, dieting and working out. For starters you need to increase your body’s metabolism. The more your body’s metabolism increases the faster you can lose your fat. If you are thinking I will just stop eating that will surely help me to lose my fat, you are wrong.  One thing you really need to know is by not eating you will only decrease your body’s metabolism and won’t be affecting the fat. So to increase your body’s metabolism you need to eat little portions more often, this could be having a meal about 6-8 times a day rather than 3 times a day in big portions and with each one containing a balanced mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Do you really want to know just how to get a six pack? Well let’s go a little further on the subject.

Diets for Hard Rock ABS:

Food that you take-in really matters when you’re trying to develop your rock hard abs. Your diet should contain lots of carbohydrates and less starchy foods, garbage foods like cookies, pasta and lean protein. You should ease up on sodium and drink water, lots of it. You also need to give up the habit of having carbonated drinks this includes diet soda as they cause your stomach to bloat. Always try to have your meals at least three to four hours before heading to sleep as we rarely burn calories when we are sleeping.

Besides dieting you can also get rock hard abs by exercising .There is no one exercise that will burn calories and there is no specific workout that gives you hard rock abs. The idea to get hard rock abs lies in a couple of different workouts and a balanced diet. You must concentrate on your AB muscles in order to get a six pack. You must burn off the fat which is on the AB muscles so that these muscles can become visible again. Aerobic exercise when your tummy is empty helps in getting rid of the body fat. When your stomach is not full and you exercise there is a more of a chance that your body’s muscles will take the energy directly from all your fat. If you really want to get a six pack in a day, then wake up! It’s a slow and steady process. The most imperative thing is to use multiple workouts together. Rigorous varied exercises also work well when you are trying to lose all your fat.  There are a few special exercises that put most of the attention on the AB muscles and produce hard rock abs.

Top Exercises that build Hard Rock ABS

Hard Rock ABS Exercise #1:   Russian twist
Hard Rock ABS Exercise #2:   Incline reverse
Hard Rock ABS Exercise #3:   The side plank
Hard Rock ABS Exercise #4:   Bicycle crunches
Hard Rock ABS Exercise #5:   Crunch
Rock Hard ABS Exercise #6:   Side bends
Hard Rock ABS Exercise #7:   The plank

There are also a few AB exercise machine that really isolates the lower and upper abdomen. One of them is TORSO TRACK, another is THE AB ROLLER. It is rated 9.5 among the best AB exercise machine experts. These exercises give proven results in getting you rock hard abs but must be kept in the daily fitness schedule. Simply just dieting and working out are not enough you still need to stay motivated during your workouts and the time you are dieting. If your vision is to get a six pack you will most likely achieve it but a strict routine must be followed in order to reach your goal.

Best AB Exercises for Women

Best AB Exercises for Women – What You Can Do TO Change Your Body

best ab exercises for women Best AB Exercises for WomenBack in the day it men were always associated with fitness and body building, but these concepts have changed a lot in this century. Women are not considered any less than males. Today it is more common for the women to be the fittest person in the family.

Generally we see women sitting at their workplace and complaining about their stomachs getting fatter and fatter day after day. This is only due to lack of physical exercise and fitness programs. What you need is regular AB exercise and strict control over your diet.

The Best AB Exercises for Women include:

Best AB Exercises for Women #1 – Exercise Ball: Let your belly roll around a big exercise ball. It is the best stomach exercises for women in order to reduce fat in their belly. It is also one of the best AB exercise for men as well. Stretching the stomach muscles makes your AB muscles stretch and breathe this is crucial in the ABS process.

Best AB Exercises for Women #2 – Pushups: Are one of the best AB exercises for women. Everyone knows about how pushups are useful to the human body. A person doing regular pushups will always have great AB muscles. It should be considered one of the best core exercises for women. It should be started with arms and belly flat on the floor. Start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions and then when you get stronger do set of 3 of 15 and then 25 repetitions.

Best AB Exercises for Women #3 – The Plank: This is also one of the isometric abdominal exercises meaning holding your muscles for a particular period of time. To perform the plank abdominal exercise, lie flat on the floor on your belly. Next, rise up on your hands and toes being careful not to put your buttocks up in the air. Your goal is to keep your back flat throughout the exercise. Pull your stomach muscles in, as if someone is pulling on your belly button through your back. Hold this position for about 5 seconds. Lower yourself carefully to the floor. Repeat 5 times. If you want to increase the intensity of this exercise, while holding the plank position, lift one leg off the floor, return to the starting position, then lift the opposite leg. This exercise works the entire abdominal area, plus many other muscles. This makes it one of the best lower AB exercises for women as well as the most effective.

Best AB Exercises for Women #4 – Crossover Jabs: Most people are familiar with kickboxing workouts such as Tae-Bo. A great abdominal exercise that works the sides of the waist, the oblique muscles this is called a crossover jab. While standing with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders and your toes turned out you should bend your knees so that you are standing in a slight squat position. Then while holding your fists directly in front of your face, turn your waist to the left while punching straight out to the left with your right arm. Quickly turn to the right and punch with your left arm. Start out slowly then increase your speed until you are punching back and forth at a rapid pace. Do 5 sets of 20 in 30 second intervals of the crossover jabs to work your waist and increase your heart rate. By completing best AB exercise for women #4 you will surely start to feel the burn and be  on your way to producing your rock hard abs.

Best AB Exercises for Women – Core Exercises

Another of the best core exercise for women includes driving, walking and lifting children. These day to day exercises really help to strengthen up your core muscle. Therefore it is a wonderful AB exercise for women. All of the AB exercises in this article are not only for women these are also the best AB exercises for men as well. Are you still thinking about what the best AB exercise for women are? Then stop asking questions and start taking action and start executing your plan.

Get Rock Hard ABS


get rock hard abs Get Rock Hard ABSAre your really tired with your body features, especially your stomach? Are you jealous about the TV star who has really well built rock hard abs? Do you also want girls to praise you for your body features? Then you need to get them fast! No, these are not available in stores where you can purchase through with you money. Now I am sure you are wondering how to build abs? If you manage to give time, energy and effort you can be sure to get rock hard abs in a few weeks’ time.

Firstly you need to get rid of your body fat immediately. Because everybody has his own rock hard abs but it is just not visible. If you are able to treat the excess fat of your body in a very neat and disciplined way, you can be sure to get rock hard abs.

The next thing you need to do is to utilize the water you take in daily. This also plays a vital role in order to get six packs.

Some other ways on to get rock hard abs are as follows:

Take plenty of rest after necessary workouts. Have a disciplined routine and stick to it.

Aerobic exercises are very necessary in order to get rock hard abs. By performing these exercises on a daily basis for around 1 hour you may burn around 500 calories if you exercised while your stomach was empty. This makes your heart beat at a constant rate which symbolize how fit and steady you are.

Reduce the intake of excess carbohydrates (rice, bread, pasta, cookies) especially towards the end of the day. If you are going to eat them you must eat them only during the breakfast or lunch time.

Still thinking about How to Get Rock Hard ABS?

There is a more direct approach where you can get a trainer and take his advice in carrying out the useful gym exercises. You can try kick-boxing exercises and pushups regularly. No matter which way you choose you really need to be patient when trying to get six pack ABS because this won’t happen overnight. If you are really determined you can get them within a few weeks of working out. We also suggest you do not train your body above your target zone. There can be fatigues in your muscles which may lead to excess pain. In that case you may need to consult a physician. If you are smart about your exercise plan and dial in your diet than the six packs will come. How long it will take depends on how much body fat you have, how strict you are following the advice in this article, and the patience you have when trying to get rock hard abs.

People always ask how much time it will take to lose “X” number of pounds. Well it all depends on what you do, along with your diet plan. You need to use a mixture of aerobic (running, biking, circuit training) and anaerobic (weight lifting) workouts to truly see results. Yes, limiting your caloric intake will provide results but the best way to speed up the process is to gain muscle and lose weight. Now that you know how to get hard abs we are sure by devoting the time and energy you will be able to aquire your six pack in no time.

How to Get Ripped ABS


how to get ripped abs How to Get Ripped ABSFinding out How to Get Ripped abs is the holy grail of fitness. Muscular arms and broad shoulders are impressive but washboard abs is like icing on the cake. They look extremely beautiful. Though magazines and newspapers claim to give you some special device on how to get ripped abs but in the end they show no proven results.

In order to get ripped abs you do not need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive exercise machines, you can save your money for something better. All you need to know is the certain exercises you can perform and the dedication. Three things which are very essential are to have a strong desire, will power and knowledge. With these three qualities when you set out for your goal on how to get ripped abs you will be 100% successful.

Every person thinks the 1st step to get ripped fast is to diet and people go to extremes to diet and lose weight. First, don’t try the diet that your neighbor lost 10 lbs on and then gained 15. It doesn’t work. Forget dieting! What you need is a new lifestyle. A lifestyle geared toward your health and fitness goals, one that takes into account your immediate appearance as well as your long-term health. You can have the most well defined abs in town but if you’re too tired or weak to show them then absolutely no one will ever know. They try to keep themselves hungry, go starving and the worse part take dieting drugs. Getting ripped abs is all about restructuring your diet. One must lose his excess weight by burning calories. A healthy diet must comprise of proper amount of balanced foods so the body keeps on getting the necessary ingredients to get ripped abs fast.

The next question that usually comes up is how often should you work your Abs?

Three to four times a week! Lets skip the anatomy lesson here and just say the your abdominal muscles are divided into upper, lower and sides (intercostal and oblique external and internal oblique, rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, quadratus lumborum). Your goal is to hit them all.

How to get ripped abs can also be answered by following a few of the compound muscular movements, which are:

  • Bench Press
  • Seated Press
  • Curls
  • Squat
  • Dead Lift Crunch

The above movements will work the entire body and when done properly will dramatically enhance your physique.

Some people use resistance to work the abs such as holding a weight against their chest during the movement. That’s fine if you want large abdominal muscles that stick out beyond the plane of the stomach.

Are you still thinking, how to get ripped abs?

To get ripped abs you want you can do any of the following AB exercises which are: Couch Crunch, classic crunch and leg rises. They will surely help you define your abs and show you how to get ripped abs fast. Bodybuilders dieting for competitions don’t get to share in this luxury. Their goal requires a much deeper commitment and the diet becomes every bit as important as the workout. If you are not out to wear a Speedo on stage then don’t be that tough on yourself.

Best AB Workouts for Women

Best AB Workouts for Women- Just What Are They?

best ab workouts for women Best AB Workouts for WomenThere is no body part that women obsess over more than their midsection. Thi susually draws the question, what are the best AB workouts for women? The craze to get flat abs can be seen mostly within women of 20-25 years of age. However, now women of every age are concerned and want to remove the extra fat from their abdomen to get a damn sexy look! Working out can surely help in the process of getting flat abs.

But to start you should have a proper diet plan. Without such a workout plan, all workouts that you have in your fitness routine will not give you your desired results. The diet should contain less lean protein, and more of carbohydrates. Junk food should really be avoided at all costs. So along with a proper diet and a proper workout schedule, it’s never hard to get a flat ABS.

So what is the Best AB Workouts for Women?

There are many good AB workouts for women but one of the best ABS workout for women is aerobics on an empty stomach. When you have an empty stomach and are doing light exercise, the body tends to get its energy from the fat reserve that is stored in our muscles. You might not know but we all have six pack abs? Are you confused? We all have six pack abs but they are hidden inside our fat that is stored in our abs muscles.  There is no specific exercise that can be termed as the best AB workout for women.  There are a handful of exercises that help you to tone your abs.

A Few of the Best AB Workouts for Women:

  • Best AB Workouts for Women #1: Ball roll out- For this exercise you need to kneel behind a large exercise ball with palms on the top of the ball and arms straight. Slowly roll the ball forward and away from you, stretching your body out as you go. This help to strengthen your AB muscles.
  • Best AB Workouts for Women #2: Side plank- For this you have to lie on your left side with your left forearm in the floor perpendicular to your body and your right hand resting on your side. Stack your legs and hips and pull your belly button in towards your spine. Raise your body by straightening and lengthening your waist so that you are balanced on your left forearm and foot.
  • Best AB Workouts for Women #3: Vertical leg crunch- This exercise is performed by taking your legs and sticking them up into the air, this will add pressure and intensify the workout. You will then keep stretching them back and forth which will improve your AB muscles.

If you belong to a gym then your instructor could also provide you instructions on what the best workouts for women are and how you can do them. Since we are no in the gym now we will let you in on a few more. They are Stability ball pelvic tilt crunch, Walk the plank and rotate the matrix and prone oblique ball.

If you are still thinking what is the best AB workouts for women? Well here is it all summed up for you. You should have a planned diet, maintain a fitness routine and by doing this you can really have well-toned abs.

How To Lose Belly Fat For Men

How To Lose Belly Fat For Men – How To Drop the Flab!!

Are you ashamed of your belly fat?

Then one of the thorniest question that you must have faced is how to lose belly fat for men? Men tend to accumulate more belly fat than women! If you are not concerned about it, then you also need to know the health risk that you posses from it?

How To Lose Belly Fat For Men - Health Risks

To name a few you can be prone to heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke and the list continues. There are many books on how to lose belly fat for men by famous fitness trainers, Have a look of them. how to lose belly fat for men How To Lose Belly Fat For Men

How To Lose Belly Fat For Men – Eating Habits

Knowing how to lose belly fat for men is the first step to gain that flat stomach that we all dream about! To begin you have to change your eating habits and stop eating junk food!  Do not eat junk food like cookies, chips, sweets and other similar products in your house or elsewhere. Junk food and addiction towards sugar is the prime cause of belly fat today. The junk food contain refined sugar which when consumed increase the sugar level in your blood and reduce the fat burning metabolism of the body.

So you might be thinking what to eat?

Well in your diet routine you should have a balanced mix of carbohydrate, but there are “good carbohydrates” as well as “bad carbohydrates”. Food made of refined flour such as cake, biscuit, bread, pasta should be avoided as they cause poor digestion and may lead to accumulation of fat. Instead have fresh vegetables and fruits. Slow release carbohydrates like oats, sweet potato are helpful in losing belly fat for men. While too much carbohydrate can increase the insulin level in your blood thus reducing metabolism, so you need to have a balanced mix of it.

How To Lose Belly Fat For Men – What Works and What Doesn’t

There are lots of supplements that are available on the market that can help you lose belly fat. They hardly work? So don’t fall into the trap of these business gimmicks! So you ask again how to lose belly fat for men?  The answer is changing your lifestyle to have a healthy and good looking physique. You have to decrease alcohol consumption as they tend to accumulate fat around your waist. Late night snacks should be avoided, because people go straight to bed after having them, so there isn’t any physical labour to burn out those calories which increases the fat levels and comes out as belly fat.  You might be thinking how to lose belly fat by exercise?  Of course exercise has a great role in losing your belly fat and in long term maintenance. When you work out you generally burn out extra calories that is stored as glycogen in muscle tissue. Abdominal exercises are also very helpful in losing belly fat. You should concentrate on upper, lower, and middle portion of your abdomen.  The best way to lose belly fat men is through cardio vascular exercise and heavy weight training. There are exercises to lose belly fat for men and you need to learn them. Some of these exercises are Bicycle crunches, Incline reverse crunches, front squats, the plank and the side plank as these give proven results in reducing flat belly. Finally what you need is to stay motivated during the routine.

Are you still thinking how to lose belly fat for men? If so we can help you even further simply click this link and get started learning more on just how to lose belly fat for men.



Best AB Exercises

Best AB Exercises – How You Can Shape Your Stomach Today!!

best ab exercises Best AB ExercisesAlmost every teenage boy has a fascination towards body building and fitness, especially “ABs” (that is six packs) imbibing sets of dreams to be like their favorite hero. Teenagers are just the beginning and not the only ones who dream of six pack abs. The main clustering includes people of their late twenties. “ABs” as per the term verbalizes abdominal muscles. Abdominal muscles or ABs can be significantly improved by a set of distinctive AB exercises.

AB exercises are extremely useful for developing strength and endurance of the AB muscles. AB exercises reduce fat and must deficit a huge amount of energy and caloric intake .The best AB exercises to target are your upper Abdominal muscles. The best AB exercises include bicycle crunch, captains chair, exercise ball, vertical leg crunch, torso track, Plank.


Elaborating on few of the best AB exercises:

The Best AB Exercises #1
Bicycle crunch:
one of the best AB exercise is using a bicycle .It can be an indoor activity or an outdoor one. Paddling is the best part, which improves the rectus abdominis (six packs) and is also one of the best oblique exercises.

The Best AB Exercises #2
Captain’s chair
: Is also one of the best AB exercise. One can perform a variety of short hand exercises using the captains chair .It lets your legs free and is commonly found in gyms and health clubs.

The Best AB Exercises #3
Exercise ball
: Stretching the abdomen around a well inflated ball can be the best AB exercise. It rejuvenates the entire body to perform AB exercises. It is often suggested by therapists as a step to improve the AB muscles. One should get an exercise ball according to his height. It is often said that inhaling and exhaling exercise if done on an exercise ball may improve the abdominal muscles.

The Best AB Exercises #4
Vertical leg crunch
: It is one of the well-known AB exercises where u put your legs up and let your ABs add intensity to your exercise. The stretch improves the muscles.

The Best AB Exercises #5
Torso track
: Is one of the best AB exercise machines for improving your ABs through exercise. It is one of the few worthwhile machines which isolate the upper and lower abdomen. It easily fits and adjusts itself to ones busy lifestyle and a very quick step in attaining excellent AB’s.

The Best AB Exercises #6
The AB roller
: Is another one of the best AB exercise machines commonly found in all gyms. It is useful for people who feel strain in their neck by doing regular crunches as it provides neck and arm support.

The Best AB Exercises #7
: Is rated10 among the best AB exercises. It requires effort and it helps in stabilizing muscles putting effort on arms and toes.

Best Ab Exercises – Motivation

Thus if one manages time and energy for these sets of AB exercises he can easily gain a six pack. Also one needs to remain motivated while following the routine, because unless you are passionate about it, you can only dream to have it. So stop just dreaming and take action.

Rock Hard ABs

Rock Hard Abs – How You Can Change Your Body Today!

rock hard abs Rock Hard ABsAre you dreaming of rock hard abs? We all have it! Confused?

Yes we all have the 6 pack abs, but it gets hidden in the layers of stomach fat. In our daily hectic schedule you might be thinking how to get abs?  We need to follow a few things so that we get the abs that we have always dreamt of. The rock hard abs for men surely describes one’s personality. To get it we have to maintain two things, one is the diet and the second one is the workout. You need to increase your body metabolism. Many people think that the best way to lose fat is to simply stop eating but when you do this your body’s metabolism decreases. So to increase your body metabolism you need to eat less and quite often. I mean eat a meal about 6-8 times a day with each one containing a balanced mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. If you follow below you will surely know how to get rock hard abs.

 The Rock Hard ABs Diet

Reduce eating junk foods like pasta, noodles, and cookie so that you don’t take in extra calories at the end of the day. You can have it, but of course not often especially not for breakfast. Have less lean protein and less starchy food.  One should drink lots of water and take plenty of rest. Try having your meals 3-4 hours before going to bed as we don’t burn calories while sleeping.

To get hard rock abs apart from dieting, you need to exercise .There is no specific exercise to burn calories. But to get hard rock abs you need to concentrate on your abdomen muscles. One needs to burn out the fat that is stored on the abdomen muscles so that their abs becomes visible.  Aerobic exercise when your stomach is empty helps a lot to get rid of body fat, because when you exercise on an empty stomach there is a greater chance that your body muscles get energy from your stored fat. Spot reduction of muscles is not possible instantly, unless the body fat percentage level has dropped below a threshold level. However the most important thing is to combine different workouts. Weight training is essential as it increases your body’s metabolism. Intensive varied exercise works well to lose fat.  One can also join martial arts, swimming classes as they provide a healthy amount of exercise to drain out fat. Specially there are few exercise that focus on abdomen muscles and gives rock hard abs.

Rock Hard ABs Exercises

Rock Hard ABS Exercise #1: Bicycle crunches
Rock Hard ABS Exercise #2: Incline reverse
Rock Hard ABS Exercise #3: Crunch
Rock Hard ABS Exercise #4: Russian twist
Rock Hard ABS Exercise #5: Side bends
Rock Hard ABS Exercise #6: The plank
Rock Hard ABS Exercise #7: The side plank

These exercises give proven result in getting you rock hard abs if kept in your daily fitness routine. One of the most important things is to remain motivated during the session. If you dream of rock hard abs, you will certainly get it but a certain routine has to be maintained to achieve it.

How to Get A 6 Pack

Learn How to Get a 6 Pack Fast

how to get a 6 pack 300x155 How to Get A 6 PackIt is everybody’s dream to get 6 pack abs. Whether you like it because it’s aesthetically pleasing or you just want to have a great body, it is irrefutable that 6 pack abs represents hard work, drive and total body sculpting. Now, the question that a lot of people ask is how to get a 6 pack fast. For you to get a 6 pack, you need to pay attention to your diet, perform regular exercises and put lots of dedication for this to happen.

How to get a 6 Pack – Eating Healthy

If you want to know how to get a 6 pack, you should know that eating a healthy diet is crucial for this matter. A low fat diet can help you to get a 6 pack fast. The foods that you should include in your diet are lean proteins and high-fiber foods like fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Chili peppers, almonds and oatmeal are considered as fat-burning miracles so you can also include these in your diet.
Eating breakfast is also crucial since it is what gets the metabolism going. Aside from this, skipping breakfast can lead you to eat a lot during lunch, which is not good if you want to get 6 pack abs. You should also drink lots of water as this can restrain your hunger and replace the lost fluids during your exercise. It is also best to have several smaller meals than 3 large ones since this helps your body to maintain a steadier metabolism rate.

If you are learning how to get a 6 pack, you should also know the foods that you must avoid. These foods include white foods like pasta, sugar, white flour and white rice. These carbs go almost straightly into fat, which means that it is not good for those who want to get 6 pack abs fast. Aside from these foods, you should also avoid drinking alcohol.

How to get a 6 Pack – Performing Regular Exercises

Knowing how to get a 6 pack also comes with the knowledge that exercises are important to achieve this goal. Performing abdominal exercises regularly can help you to get the 6 pack abs you have been dreaming of. Make sure that you’re working both your lower and upper abs with exercises like leg lifts, v-ups and sit-ups. The bicycle is another excellent type of exercise that can help you to get a 6 pack. To do this exercise, you have to lie on your back then raise your legs up to forty-five degrees and pedal like you are riding a bicycle.

Performing weight-lifting and cardio exercises are also important if you want to get a 6 pack fast. These exercises can help burn fats and increase the body’s resting metabolism. Although this may sound simple, it really requires a lot of work. However, you should always remember that if you will put enough effort and dedication to your goal, you will reap the reward of your sacrifices in no time. This means that after all the hard work, you will get that body and 6 pack abs you have been dreaming of.