Rock Hard ABs

Rock Hard Abs – How You Can Change Your Body Today!

rock hard abs Rock Hard ABsAre you dreaming of rock hard abs? We all have it! Confused?

Yes we all have the 6 pack abs, but it gets hidden in the layers of stomach fat. In our daily hectic schedule you might be thinking how to get abs?  We need to follow a few things so that we get the abs that we have always dreamt of. The rock hard abs for men surely describes one’s personality. To get it we have to maintain two things, one is the diet and the second one is the workout. You need to increase your body metabolism. Many people think that the best way to lose fat is to simply stop eating but when you do this your body’s metabolism decreases. So to increase your body metabolism you need to eat less and quite often. I mean eat a meal about 6-8 times a day with each one containing a balanced mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. If you follow below you will surely know how to get rock hard abs.

 The Rock Hard ABs Diet

Reduce eating junk foods like pasta, noodles, and cookie so that you don’t take in extra calories at the end of the day. You can have it, but of course not often especially not for breakfast. Have less lean protein and less starchy food.  One should drink lots of water and take plenty of rest. Try having your meals 3-4 hours before going to bed as we don’t burn calories while sleeping.

To get hard rock abs apart from dieting, you need to exercise .There is no specific exercise to burn calories. But to get hard rock abs you need to concentrate on your abdomen muscles. One needs to burn out the fat that is stored on the abdomen muscles so that their abs becomes visible.  Aerobic exercise when your stomach is empty helps a lot to get rid of body fat, because when you exercise on an empty stomach there is a greater chance that your body muscles get energy from your stored fat. Spot reduction of muscles is not possible instantly, unless the body fat percentage level has dropped below a threshold level. However the most important thing is to combine different workouts. Weight training is essential as it increases your body’s metabolism. Intensive varied exercise works well to lose fat.  One can also join martial arts, swimming classes as they provide a healthy amount of exercise to drain out fat. Specially there are few exercise that focus on abdomen muscles and gives rock hard abs.

Rock Hard ABs Exercises

Rock Hard ABS Exercise #1: Bicycle crunches
Rock Hard ABS Exercise #2: Incline reverse
Rock Hard ABS Exercise #3: Crunch
Rock Hard ABS Exercise #4: Russian twist
Rock Hard ABS Exercise #5: Side bends
Rock Hard ABS Exercise #6: The plank
Rock Hard ABS Exercise #7: The side plank

These exercises give proven result in getting you rock hard abs if kept in your daily fitness routine. One of the most important things is to remain motivated during the session. If you dream of rock hard abs, you will certainly get it but a certain routine has to be maintained to achieve it.